Ahhhh…A breath of fresh cuteness

Now that the sickness has fled Nora’s body for the time being. she is back to her too cute self. In comparison to her moaning, whiny sick self, her abundant energy and talkativeness has Ken and I constantly amused. Here is the new Nora cute list – since it’s been a while since I made one.

OTay: Nora’s new word of the day – everything today was “O-Tay.” Lots of her words are cute: her excited breathless “yeah” in response almost everything, including Ken’s asking her if she wants a sister or brother, “bless you, Dada,” every time Ken sneezes or coughs, “books a bed” every time she wants to read in bed, which is often, and her labeling of all the colors of everything she sees and does.

Picture Books: Now Nora reads to us instead of us always reading to her. She knows all the pictures in her picture books and says the words enthusiastically and shuts the book and pronounces “the end.”

Silly kisses: Nora sometimes, if you’re really lucky, will give you silly kisses – which means she kisses you numerous times on the cheeks, nose and sometimes the mouth. And she doesn’t stop because it always makes us laugh.

Airplanes: Nora LOVES airplanes. Every time she hears an airplane, even when we’re in the house, she stops what she’s doing, looks up and says “aplane.” She also tries to say helicopter, which is really cute.

Drawing: Nora loves to draw, especially with the many colored pens she finds in my school bag. Tonight she drew many colored Os. I took a picture since amazingly it did look like she was drawing Os. She colors so intently and makes straight lines on the floor with her pens or crayons, organizing her materials.

Cleaning: She certainly doesn’t take after me, but at least once a day Nora asks for a few diaper wipes to “cean” her books and toys. Sometimes she insists I help. Maybe she is trying to send me a message about my own cleaning skills.

And the nebulizer: While I wish this wasn’t even in her life, she is SO good about doing her nebulizer so far. When I tell her it’s time for her mask she runs to open the door for the apple tv, asks for Yo Gabba Gabba or the Backyardigans and then turns on the machine and jumps up on my lap for a relaxing ten minutes of tv and breathing pulmicort. I have a feeling this arrangement is too good to last.

There are so many cute things that Nora does it’s actually hard to list. She is just so enthusiastic about life right now. At the same time, she’s asserting her independence, trying to do everything from putting on her socks and pants, to feeding herself, to serving her own cheerios.

Oh please stay around, healthy Nora. I missed you!


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