We leave tomorrow to go and see Nora’s Nana and Grampa in Alexandria. Nora loves airplanes – and of course she loves Nana and “yampa” too – so it is sure to be another tiring and exciting day for all of us. We get to have a whole other Christmas. And Nora gets to wear her whole Christmas outfit again! She now knows how to say that it is a “pity dess nana made it.”

Traveling with a toddler takes so much preparation. Ken has multiple lists going to make sure we don’t forget anything. I even packed Nora her own backpack this time. We have a new sticker book and some of her new Christmas books, her baby and many many cheerios. And of course a change of clothes ready to go (for me too!).

I’ve had nightmares about being “that mom” with “that kid,” the one screaming and suddenly asked to leave the plane. I hope Nora’s usual sunny disposition prevails. It could be a long flight…


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