Doctor Nora

Today after shopping for her snazzy new shoes (see the picture below), Nora followed me around while I was vacuuming. This time, she didn’t want to clean like she did when the albuterol was contributing to her craziness. This time she was apparently checking the health of the vacuum. She said it needs medicine. I hope that doesn’t mean that I’ll be shopping for a new vacuum soon. She has a fondness for inanimate objects. Today on a walk, instead of saying goodbye to a new friend we met, she said goodbye to the leaves, sidewalk and rocks instead. I wonder if this is the start of imagination or the start of antisocial behavior. I see other signs of imaginative play, so I’ll go with that option.

You can watch her vacuum antics here:

Sick vacuum from sarah on Vimeo.

And, on another note, her hair. Pigtails make me want to keep it the way it is. But when she refuses the “hairbows,” which is pretty often, I think that cutting it is the way to go. But I dread the first haircut. Any wisdom out there on how to make the first haircut not too scarring for mom and kid?


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