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Most girls want flowers and chocolate. Most kids get some version of that, I guess, new doll, new stickers, crayons and markers. Not Nora. She got a junior cleaning set.

Part of me feels bad that I got my daughter a gift that pins her into a stereotypical corner. But that part is really small. I know plenty of boys who have also had love affairs with mops and vacuums, and I didn’t buy it because she’s a girl, I bought it because when I saw it in the store, I was more than sure she would love it.

And I was right.

Saturday Nora had a cleaning tutorial with her Meme, the cleaning pro. Sunday she remembered to put the dirt in the dustpan and empty it in the garbage. She wandered the house disappointed that her Meme had been so efficient. “Where’s the dirt?” She asked.

This morning she came into the bathroom while I was straightening my hair, broom in hand, and screamed in joy that she had found hair on the floor to sweep. “There’s more hair, Mama!” She yelled.

We got home from school today and she went straight for the mop. She must have noticed that her dad had recreated a mess on the porch that she had cleaned with Meme. She went out there and mopped all the mud away.

And tonight, Nora hid when it was time for her bath. I went to the bathroom thinking she would just follow. She didn’t. I went looking and, sure enough, I found her in the kitchen sweeping.

I’m pretty sure this won’t last. But, man, it’s pretty cute.


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