Easter Baskets

Last year I filled Nora’s Easter basket with shoes. Green crocs that she wore all summer long, pink mary-janes that fell apart after a few wearings, gold sandals that my mother thought were the most awful baby accessory ever, and pink jellies to use when in the back yard pool or playing with her water table. I am somewhat of a shoe fanatic, though since becoming a mom I’ve enjoyed purchasing tiny shoes and slowed the pace of acquiring shoes for me. And at 16 months I didn’t think Nora would really care about candy anyway. I filled her plastic eggs with cheerios, animal crackers and goldfish. She was very happy with her first gift from the Easter Bunny.

Now she is 2 and knows about candy. She got a bit of chocolate today at daycare, from the Easter Egg hunt. They had requested that the parents bring 12 candy-filled eggs. I brought 12 play-doh filled ones. When Nora cracked oped the eggs at home she devoured two chocolate kisses and a handful of m&ms. As I watched her shovel it into her mouth, I cracked open two of the other eggs and hid their spoils. She had had enough. And other moms had obviously thought the same thing I had – really, 12 pieces of candy? Nora cracked open eggs filled with colorful goldfish (that excited her just as much as the chocolate) and stickers and animal crackers. I don’t want to be a freak about not letting her have candy, but she is only 2.

On blogher today there was a post about the contents of Easter baskets and the “rules” that guide their assembling. According to the original poster, Mir, there must be peeps, a chocolate bunny, smaller candy to fill the interstitial spaces. Commenters weighed in with rules about grass or no grass, hollow vs. solid chocolate bunnies and cadbury eggs. There were only a few moms who seemed to have some candy-free basket ideas, like me.

I know she’ll get plenty of candy from other places, other people. From me, from the “Easter Bunny” she’ll get none. This year there won’t be any shoes, but there will be:

  • A Fancy Nancy Lift the Flap Easter Book. Nora just named her favorite doll Fancy Fancy. And she chose Fancy Nancy underpants when we went shopping for them a few weeks ago.
  • A Tinkerbell watercolor book. I was actually looking for the paint with water books (she LOVES those), but they were out. We’ll experiment with watercolor. Nora loves Tinkerbell on Youtube during nebulizer time, so hopefully she’ll like to paint her too.
  • A Big Bird “First Mini Garden” with four pots for growing sunflowers. Since Ken has been doing so much yard work and Nana and Grandpa bought her gardening tools, I figured we’d keep the theme going. And how cool would it be for her to already see flowers grow because of her watering and planting?!
  • A My Little Pony. I saw it at the store and I thought she might think it was fun to brush the hair.
  • A Peter Rabbit coloring book.
  • Stickers.

I might be on the road to being that lame mom who deprives her kid of candy, thus forcing the kids to embarrassingly binge on sugar at friends’ houses. I might be on the road to being the mom who eats sweets EVERY night herself, but denies the children the sugary pleasure. I just have this thing about candy and sugar.I hear voices telling me it’s going to rot her teeth (which I’ll confess we only brush once a day), it’s going to send her into fits of hyperactivity (I’ve never seen any evidence of this), it’s going to stop her from eating real food (it didn’t at dinner tonight). And even though I know all of this is silly, I’m still not going to give her candy.

Maybe I’ll get over it by Halloween.


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